What Debt Consolidation Structure Suits You Best?

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According to, the average debt in American households was about $16.9 million by the end of 2022. This figure illustrates an increase of over 17% since 2019. The best way to address this increasing debt is through restructuring and consolidation. However, you must understand what debt consolidation structure appeals to your needs. It is the only way to realize the most out of your arrangement. Here are a few insights into the top debt consolidation structures to consider.

Credit Card Consolidation

According to Symple Lending experts, credit card debt is the go-to option for most households in the US. Over 35% of Americans rely on credit cards for everyday transactions and debt, highlighting a significant proportion of American household debt. Suppose a substantial portion of your debt falls in this category. In that case, debt consolidation would be a perfect choice.

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Debt consolidation allows you to combine all your credit card debt, ensuring you service only one. In this case, you will take one colossal loan to offset all the small credit card loans you already have. This move assures you of a much more streamlined repayment method. It is also likely to give you a lower interest rate, guaranteeing more favorable terms to allow you to finish it on time.

Once consolidated, it would be best to focus on repaying the maximum amount of your monthly installment. This makes it easier to offset your credit within a short time. It also boosts your credit score significantly.

Student Loan Consolidation

If you talk to a Symple Lending expert you will be able to estimate student loans in the US which is about $1.75 trillion. With millions of people struggling to offset this, debt consolidation would be a perfect choice. It allows you to buy off the student loan, preferably with a lower interest rate credit facility. This option is only suitable if your student loans have a high-interest rate or your new loan has a lower APR.

Student loan consolidation allows you to consolidate both federal and private student loans. However, in most cases, it would be best to go through the Department of Education when dealing with federal loans. Student loan consolidation provides financial benefits, including relief and better credit scores.

Costly Personal Loans

High-interest rate personal loans could readily choke your financial muscle, exposing you to significant constraints and undue stress. Opting for debt consolidation, in this case, would be ideal, mainly if you can get a low-interest rate loan. It would also be helpful if you got part of the loan written off by the lender.

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In this case, you expect lower interest and favorable repayment terms upon debt consolidation. However, since personal loans are not revolving, your credit utilization rate might not decrease. Yet, you will be sure of significant savings on your interest and a better credit score in the long run.

Debt consolidation is an excellent way to get yourself out of financial constraints. However, you must rely on an exceptional debt consolidation expert to realize all the benefits. The options above indicate what you can consider in this pursuit.

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